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Luca Luciano

Chamber Music for clarinet

Masterful Clarinet! Luca Luciano is a noted Italian clarinettist and composer based in London, having developed an enviable reputation as an instrumental virtuoso around the UK and overseas via recordings and concert hall appearances.
The Musician

Former clarinet professor in the UK and internationally recognized for his groundbreaking contributions to contemporary music, he debuts at the age of twelve at a prestigious hall of his home town Naples. Introduced as “the new voice of the clarinet” by De Klarinet Magazine, Luciano receives a Master’s Degree in Italy, is awarded the Fellow status of the Higher Education Academy in the UK and, according to the BBC Radio, he has established himself as ”one of Europe’s leading exponent of jazz clarinet”. Praised by the International Clarinet Association for the “full range of his abilities”, his repertoire also embraces Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Schumann, Messiaen, Brahms, Cage, jazz and Brazilian music including recordings of music by Stravinsky, Berio and Poulenc. Over the past decade, Luca has found himself increasingly in demand as a soloist and has pursued a career as a solo artist touring extensively Europe and South America. He has released several critically acclaimed solo albums that have gained him regular appearances on TV and radios including entire programs dedicated to his music and front covers of music magazines.

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CD | Fragments


Fragments “Fragments: chamber music for clarinet” features a vast selection of Luciano’s works published over the past few years that he himself has premiered at some of the most prestigious venues of the UK and overseas including St Martin in the Fields in London, Cambridge University and the European Clarinet Festival in Belgium. These compositions are informed by an on-going research on extended techniques, unconventional sound production, sound effects (and their application on composed or improvised music) and new music for solo clarinet that started when holding a position of clarinet professor in the UK and continued over the years with presentations at renowned universities and colleges in Europe and the Americas. Luca’s will to explore the full range of sound resources and colours that the clarinet has to offer is clearly evident on his Fragments (using multiple sounds, the voice into the instrument, quartertones or micro-tones, flutter tonguing or growling, glissando, etc); the Fantasia (exploring the possibilities of the lower or upper joints of the instrument when played separately); the two contemporary studies also part of his “Introductory Method to Extended Techniques”; tracks for clarinet and pre-recorded instruments, in particular Mosquito (featuring slap-tonguing technique over a pre-recorded clarinet played without the mouthpiece). Besides improvised variations and cadenzas, the album does include tracks showcasing the melodic and lyrical possibilities of the instrument, as on the two homage pieces, as well as “groovy rhythms” on his Divertimenti.

To Luciano art and, in general terms, creativity are part of a wider spiritual path that is indeed a philosophical journey (in the sense of filo-sofia). In terms of aesthetics, Luciano’s work is steadfastly supported by the concept of Ars Gratia Artes. Through the creative act the poetes (meaning “creator” in Greek) can experience himself and affirm his existence. His contribution to humanity is nothing more than an object of contemplation where one contemplates his own power. As it is evident from the nature of Art itself (as conceptualised in the idea of Ars Gratia Artes) that “the artist is not the man”, there is here the will to pursue arete’ (i.e. “excellence” or “virtue”) both as a man and as an artist.